We are a Partnership of Lawyers specialized in foreign investment. We have a network of Lawyers able to advise on each specific business area our clients want to invest in. We will guide you and help you invest in Portugal or Brazil.


We have some of the most experienced Lawyers advising on real estate in Portugal and Brazil with decades of experience and hundreds of successful real estate business transactions. Whether you want to buy a second home in Portugal or Brazil for thousands or a building for millions we have the know-how to help you through the process.


We can help you find, create or develop your investment in the booming tourism area. We can help you licence your land, build on it and start operating in Portugal or Brazil. Or we are the right Lawyers to help you buy an existing tourism business from a small restaurant to a full fledge Hotel & Resort. We have in our Partnership some of the most experienced Lawyers in these demading legal areas in both countries and will ensure you navigate these complicated legal frameworks with ease. 


We have Lawyers proficient in all aspects of commercial, labour and tax law in Portugal and Brazil. We have also top litigators if the need arises. We can help you with your business investment in any area you wish to invest ensuring you get the best advice available on legal matters.


Our flexible Partnership allows us to reduce overhead costs, unnecessary staff and huge and expensive office rentals while retaining the services of top experienced Legal Experts. This allows us to provide top notch legal services for a fraction of the market price you will be charged for work done mainly by unexperienced assistants. You will always get a quotation of costs from us before we start and we will stick to the fees you approved from day one. There will be no hidden costs, fees, or interminable billable hours added to your account. All fees require your prior consent and will have been agreed with you in advance.